Belarus Camp

From Thursday 6th of June, we had a camp at the centre for some Belarussian children. This was done as part of a Servants Aloft programme, which brings over children from Belarus who are affected by the fallout from the Chernobyl accident in 1986. This year around 150 children came over, and we had 16 children with 4 adults for the two weeks.

The aim of the camp was twofold: to give the children a holiday which would boost their immune systems and to minister to their spiritual needs. We had a lot of help from various churches, individuals and organisations, and this was greatly appreciated.

Here are some pictures taken during the two weeks:

Group with Dmitri in his kilt

Anya and Alina Balance Dmitri tries on the traditional Scottish dress and finds he has the legs for it Some of the girls and little Andrei

Ola tries the slide at Hamilton Ola and Alicia at the play area at the centre Nastia tries some colouring

The singers at Gallowhill Adelphi Church

The children had plenty of time to enjoy themselves, at the centre and on various trips. They also sang some Belarussian songs at some of the places they visited.

Art Galleries

Glasgow's Art Gallery is a great place to spend the day when it's a bit rainy outside (most of the year, then) and it's close to the Transport Museum, so you can see both in a day.

These Scottish horses look a bit pale

Sports Day

On the first Wednesday, we had several of the other groups join us at the centre for a sports day, followed by a barbecue and a meeting. It rained a bit during the barbecue but that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of all who came.

Head on the stick game This is going in the hoop Burger queue at the sports day

Science Centre

The Science Centre is a new building with lots of experiments to try out. I liked the satellite dishes you can whisper to each other through.

Andrei makes a ball levitate


Strathclyde Police took the kids for a day, and were very generous with their time and presents for the children. They went to Pollok Park, where the police train their horses and dogs.

Ah, this horse looks a bit healthier It's a fair cop A police dog with Lica

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