Teen Camp 2000

Here's the page for teen camp 2000, a sunny week for a change.

Week Plan

Here's what happened each day of the week:


Sunday we went to Erskine Beach for oue usual wide game. Afterwards we had the traditional charades competition.

goliath pray


On Monday we travelled across the country to Beecraigs outdoor centre. We had an orienteering competition, with teams sent out to find their way through the clues, and eventually back to base. My team won! Hurrah!



On Tuesday we visited Rouken Glen Park. There's plenty of space there, so some went on the paddle boats, some just went for a walk and of course there was a football match.


Sports Day! The usual list of events, plus an inspired addition of sumo wrestling on a mat covered with soapy water. This was followed by the annual water fight.

sack sumo


On Thursday we went to Millport. A sunny day meant that the cycle round the island was very enjoyable, rather than the gritting-the-teeth experience you sometimes get if the weather's bad. Was there a game of football in the park later on? I'll leave you to guess.

group rock claire


Friday is our trip to Paisley in the afternoon. Once that was done the post-dinner events consisted of sports, party games, a meeting (plus baptism), the camp fire and midnight feast.


feed1 feed2 horse jenanna karen mummy

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