Junior Camp 2001

This year, camp ran from the 7th to the 14th of July. We had 23 kids, and 10 of them either came to the Lord or rededicated themselves during the week. Our missionaries were David and Betty Gowers, and they brought along their children Joss and Sion. David is from Paisley, and went to Bolivia as a missionary, where he met and married Betty. They are back in Scotland just now, but they told us about Bolivia, and the people there. During the week, the children contributed to a collection to buy Bibles for people in remote parts of Bolivia.

The Bible Lessons this week were about Joseph, and we also learned lessons from a boy and his dog, Gruff. The serial story was on a boy called Roger, the son of a missionary couple in Brazil.

It was wet this week, so we went swimming quite a lot.



After the usual business of arriving, getting unpacked, money into the bank and so on, we headed off to Motherwell to go swimming. The boys' minibus didn't get very far though: a flat tyre stopped us for a while and by the time things were sorted there wasn't any point to going on to Motherwell, so we went back to the Centre. The girls seemed to have enjoyed it though.

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We try and make Sunday a different day, with church in the morning and a formal evening meeting. It's also the day for picking your handcraft item. The kids did that, then had a treasure hunt, before we got changed and set off for church. As a break from tradition, we didn't go to Erskine beach for our usual Sunday outing. This was much appreciated by the hay fever sufferers in the group. Instead we went to Overton House in Dumbarton, where we went for a walk through the woods, beside the river. When we got back there was time to prepare for charades before and after tea. Charades, the evening meeting, supper and quiet time finished off our first full day.

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On Monday we had our first full day outing. We set off at 10 to Stirling where we went to Blairdrummond Safari Park. There was a trip on a boat round Chimp Island, pedal boats to try, a death slide across the lake, a slide, bouncy castle, fort, sealion show and that's all before we drove through the animal enclosures to see the lions, buffalo, zebras, rhino, and so on.

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On to the short programme on Tuesday, so we had Bible Lessons, handcraft, games and missions in the morning. In the afternoon the weather was a bit dodgy again so we went to Bellahouston swimming pool.


Wednesday, as always, is sports day. The weather wasn't good enough for a water fight, and we had to have some of the events in the games hall, but we did get out eventually for some games on the football pitch.

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Thursday was our second full day out. We went swimming again, this time at the Gorbals pool, then went to Clydebank where we roller skated


Friday is always the busiest day, and no change this year: Bible, handcraft, games while taking part in the memory verse competition, lunch, an outing to the town centre at Paisley, tea, team games, party games, changed, night meeting, camp fire, quiet time, midnight feast and bed.

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Saturday morning it was get up, pack up, tidy up and go home. Some of us had to prepare ourselves for another week.

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