Teen Camp 2001

We had 31 teens at this week of camp, most of whom were saved. The week was a week of reemphasis and learning for them. Our missionaries were Colin and Cindy, of Servants Aloft Ministries, who told us about children in Belarus and Croatia, suffering from the problem of nuclear fallout and war. They regularly bring a group of children across to Scotland for a couple of weeks, which boosts their immune systems and gives them a holiday to remember.

Dodge Ball


The kids arrived and got settled in, and the weather was decent enough to get out for a game of football.


It's a nice, late start on a Sunday, but there's still time to fit in the handcraft choices and a treasure hunt before we head off to church. After lunch we went to Overton House for much the same walk as the juniors had gone the week before, through the woods and down by the river. We had a look at the tree crossing the stream but decided against it.

Overton House Overton House Walk at Overton House

After we returned, there was time to prepare charades, with the usual use of blankets to become instantly middle-eastern. After a meeting, supper and quiet times it was time for bed.

Charades Charades The Blind Man Little Lambs


In a departure from tradition, we had the sports day on Monday this week. The usual sports and fun events were entered into by the kids, and it was even nice enough for a water fight at the end.

David Linda

Long Jump Pillow Fight Pillow Fight The Stick Game


It's another nice day, so the plan is to go to Millport. Some went round the island on bikes, and some stayed in Millport. We had a game of crazy golf, a shot on the bouncy pirate ship, the helter-skelter and the trampolines while some played tennis. Later there was time for a game of football before we had to head back.

The Largs-Millport Ferry Boys on the Ferry Girls at Millport

Bouncy Pirate Ship


We went to Bellahouston swimming pool on Wednesday. We had to wait to get in, but that gave us time for another game of football, in the long grass outside.


Another short outing, and we went to Balloch Park. Some went for a walk around the area, and for the rest there was the inevitable game of football.



This was our second long day, and we went to the Aquatec in Motherwell. There was a choice of what to do, with swimming or shopping for the first session and ice skating or shopping for the second. Some hardy folk took the option of shopping for both sessions. The Aquatec is near the GLO centre, which has a decent Christian bookshop, and a nice tearoom for tea and scones.

Danielle Ice Skating

As usual on Friday, the programme changes at night. After team games there was an hour and a half of party games. We then had our meeting and, because of the weather, an indoor sharing time in the games room. There was still time for a midnight feast before bed.

Party Games Party Games Party Games


Breakfast, clear up, tidy up, go home, get some sleep.

Clare and Debbie Barry and Girls

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