Teen Camp 2002

Date: 13-20 July 2002

Teen camp was the second week in a row for most of the leaders and the "buddies" who had gone to junior camp as well. Amazingly, the weather held out until Friday, and we had a scorcher of a day for Millport, which makes all the difference. The theme for the camp was the same, "The Lord is my Rock", with the lessons raised a little in spiritual level. Instead of Pete the Pony, we had spiritual lessons based on various types of rock, and the serial story this week was about Mary Slessor, the Scottish missionary of the 19th century who made such a difference to the people of Western Africa.


The usual on Saturday, with arrivals and then a good game of football before dinner and later our first meeting of the week.

Heather, Jenny and Katheryn


We had church on Sunday morning, at Galowhill Adelphi Church. Afterwards there was a treasure hunt, choosing handcraft, a walk to Overton house in Dumbarton, charades, dinner and the night meeting.

Stephen and Heather Three twins in a tree


A full day out on Monday, we drove to Motherwell to visit the Aquatec. There was a swimming session in the morning and a skating session in the afternoon, though some missed one or the other to do a bit of shopping. Even some of the boys went shopping.

Bible class on Monday morning Bible class on Monday morning Bible class on Monday morning


Again, the weather was good, so we decided to have sports day on the Tuesday in case it got worse the next day (eternal optimists that we are). In the morning we had our full programme of Bible lessons, handcraft, games and missions, our missionary, Ruth from the MAF being here for both weeks.


The afternoon was sports day, and it produced the usual amount of pulled muscles, sore knees and bruises. And that was just the leaders! The competition was fairly hot between the red and yellow teams, especially when it got to the soak the person of your choice game. Some people tried to gain an unfair advantage in the water fight by wearing waterproofs, but they didn't help much.

Watch out Referee! Marisa soaks Linda

Sarah, Karly and Claire - these sticks were made for walking Stuart getting soaked


To our confusion the morning and afternoon programmes were changed this day, so we could go to Pollok Park and see the police horses and dogs being put through their paces. Harvey was the star dog of the day, but points for personality had to go to Brax. The police riders showed us how they control the crowds at football matches, and one of the dogs showed us how to catch a "villain".

Police horses Police dogs - come on Brax!

Lorrie and Sarah Diana smiling!

Wednesday night was also missions night, where the teens got to hear about the MAF project to raise enough money to buy a new plane, and had the opportunity to contribute to the project.


In a time-honoured tradition of teen camp, we spent a day at Millport. In a break with tradition it didn't rain. In fact it was so sunny that even a Texan ended up with sun burn. Some went cycling round the island, while others opted for the more sedate, though no less dangerous, sport of crazy golf, or took to the shops. Frisbees and football followed before we got the ferry back over to Largs and drove back to the camp.

Twins and Claire at Largs waiting for the ferry. There it is! Christine and Claire eating lunch


Friday is always very busy. The last bible lesson, followed by finishing off handcraft and the memory verse competition, our last session at missions, then lunch and a trip to Paisley.

The boys are in trouble again. The punishment? Oh right

After tea it was party games, then the night meeting, where we finished off the lessons on Mary Slessor and had our sword drill final (well done Barry). Supper at the camp fire followed, then Testimony time around the cross before retiring to devotions and the midnight feast.

Clare in the Mars Bar Game Claire and Rod find the party games too exciting Girls enjoy their hot dogs at the fire Siobhan and Stefani


Breakfast, pack and go. What more can I say?

Ready to go home

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