Camp Reunion 2003

Boot Camp

Date: 21-23 November 2003

Hidden Dorms

This year for camp reunion we had a boot camp theme. Everyone was encouraged to come along in army clothes, and the centre was set up as an army camp, complete with Mess Hall, parachute and even a MASH unit. Andy and Ruth Lovell joined us again, along with Leah and, of course, Freddy. Andy and Ruth took us through the story of Pilgrim's Progress, and our quiet times were based on Ephesians 6 - the armour of God.

Freddy with Andy

Each dorm was assigned a company letter, and all the kids were given a Bible verse as their identification number, along with a special badge.

Doug's Company Stuart's Company (minus Andrew)

Linda's Company

Officer Rod Private Jonathan Private Joss

Army Visit

We visited a local army base. The soldiers there maintain vehicles, build bridges, repair runways and so on. They showed us around, answered the children's questions and even let them sit in the vehicles.

Kevin on a Bike Girls on a Bike Truck


We also went to Greenock, to the Waterfront, where we went swimming for a couple of hours. There was plenty to do with flumes, the lazy river and the fun area.

After swimming

Party Games

After the evening meeting we had party games for an hour, then we watched a half hour video from this year's junior camp.

A Close Shave


On Sunday morning we went to Gallowhill Adelphi Church, and Andy and Ruth took the meeting. We got to the climax of Pilgrim's Progress, and the churchgoers, young and old, enjoyed meeting Freddy.

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