Teen Camp 2003

Date: 12-19 July 2003

Our teen camp this year ran from the 12th to 19th July. Due to freak weather conditions we actually had four successive days of sunshine, so Millport especially was much enjoyed. There were 26 campers at the camp, so it was slightly easier going than the junior camp. We had a great time, and a chance for some spiritual refreshment. One girl was saved during the week, and a number of the campers rededicated themselves to Christ.

Heather and Kathryn Sarah and Laura Rod and Darren

Stretch and Bends

Every morning, apart from Sunday, we started off with morning devotions to kick start the brain, then stretch and bends to kick start the body. Some bodies were kick started less than others. Girls dorm 4 barely made it out at all.

Stretch ... and Bend


Breakfast was followed by cabin cleanup, then Bible lessons. As with the juniors, the lessons were on the life of King David, with a different theme each day, along with an appropriate memory verse.

Attentive pupils at Bible


Rather than have everyone do handcraft, this year we gave them the choice of four activities. The choices were handcraft, singing, first aid and cooking. On the days when the hobbies were run, the rest of us had a chance to sample the output of the cookery class. Thankfully we didn't have to test the first aiders' training.

Tile painting Baking

Making cards First Aid


John the missionary

Our missionary this week was John McConnell, from Leprosy Mission. He taught us throughout the week about the problems and stigmas attached to leprosy sufferers, and the work the Leprosy Mission is doing in a number of countries to help those with leprosy.


Kick the ball

Each evening, and three of the mornings, we had games times. For the evening games there was also the alternative of a discussion group.


Our night meetings were generally the focus of the day, as well as where most of the points were gained by the competing teams. This was also where we had the sword drill competition, and the serial story, which was an allegory about the keeper of Palace Beautiful.

Night meeting Sword drill

Linda and the Black Dwarf

Nicki Stefani


On Sunday morning we joined with Gallowhill Adelphi Church for their morning ministry meeting, where Brian Kirkwood was the speaker. He spoke on the word "watch" and how we should be careful of our words, actions, thoughts, companions and habits.

Brian at church Getting ready for church. Get that crown off!


In the afternoon we took a trip to Erskine beach park, where we had some sport competitions, followed by the wide game. The hay fever sufferers stayed down near the beach, and Peter wishes he had as well.

Relay race Leap frog

Mini Leanne Wee David

Claire and Nicki get energetic


We had a special outing on Sunday night. We had our evening meeting early, then went to Kilbirnie Gospel Hall, where Stuart, one of our campers, was to be baptised. We went to support Stuart at the meeting, and stayed for the next meeting where we had a talk from Peter Brandon about what it means to be filled with the Spirit.

Stuart being baptised


The hills of Arran from Millport

If it's sunny, Millport is great, if it's rainy, Millport is not so great. Monday was sunny and so Millport looked like a good prospect. We took the minibuses over on the ferry, then some hired cycles to go round the island while others took a more leisurely stroll round the town. There was an obligatory game of football afterwards, of course.

On the ferry The gulls like a free lunch

Claire Lunch stop


A rest after the cycle

Sports Day

Unable to believe we had had three consecutive days of sunshine, we decided to have sports day early this year, on the Tuesday. We had a variety of sports to earn big points for the teams, before the sports day ended with the water fight.

Sports day The water carriers

Charlene's first shower of the week? Chris wet again


Still sunny on Wednesday, so we had an afternoon trip to Balloch. There are some nice walks, some shops and of course a park just right for a game of football.


For our second full day out we were to go to Motherwell for swimming and skating. When we got there though, we were told the skating rink had melted. No, really. So we went swimming at Motherwell, then drove over to Coatbridge to go skating there.


Darren skating Girls skating

Sharing an ice

Party Games

Friday included a trip into Paisley for provisions, and a themed party games. The theme was Hawaii, and everyone had to come in costume. Most of the games were based around the theme. Daniel did particularly well at the hula hoop.

Daniel does the hula dance ... and the hula hoop

Sarah searches for the seet



Unfortunately, there are always one or two who get up to mischief during camp, and the usual punishment of extra dishes duty wasn't having too much effect, so some more imaginative punishments were called for. Chris had his face painted, Rod became a temporary hairdresser, and some of the boys had their beds 'prettified'.

Face paint Hairdresser

Rod's bed much improved

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