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Camp Reunion 2005

Gardener's World

Andy and Ruth


We had our camp reunion in February this year, and the theme was Gardener's World. We learned how We need to grow as Christians: that ploughing must happen in our lives to prepare our hearts, that God plants His word in us, how He prunes us from the fruitless parts of our lives, and how He picks the fruit in season.

Creation Freddy

Andy and Ruth were with us again, and brought Leah with them. They also brought Freddy, of course. Over the weekend Andy's lessons were about gardens: the garden of Eden and the garden of Gethsemane. We learned the days of creation, and Freddy sung us some of his favourite songs.

Beth Swinging

Left Half Right Half


Saturday was lovely, so there was a chance to get out and play a little. After lunch we had our activities. First we went to the local B & Q, where the staff taught the kids a bit about planting bulbs. Each of them got a pot to paint and to plant, along with their own apron and hat. Apologies to anyone the kids gave advice to while we were there, in the guise of a member of staff.


Slide Blur

Our other outing on Saturday was to the Big Adventure in Linwood. This is a big building with a huge adventure area for the kids to play in. There are lots of levels to it, and slides, ladders and the like between them. Some of the balls had escaped from the landing zone for the big slide and these proved useful for getting the attention of the kids.

We had our church service at the Centre on Sunday, after which it was lunch time and time to pack. Freddy gave an impromptu performance while the kids waited for their parents to arrive and take them home. The weekend was over already!

Ashley and Doug Relax

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