Teen Camp 2004

Date: 10-17 July 2004


Teen camp was right after junior camp, as usual, and we continued our theme of the Trailblazers, pioneers working their way across America, as well as lessons on the life of Peter. We also watched a video over four of the nights, a true story about a street racer who turned to God after a bad accident, and how it affected his relationship with his family and his friends afterwards.

On Sunday, most of us went down to Erskine beach for the wide game

Erskine Beach


Wide Game


After dinner we had charades, where each dorm had to act out a bible passage, and were marked on costumes, acting and adherence to the story.

Stoning Delilah Sheep

Blairdrummond Safari Park


Monday's full trip was supposed to be Loch Katrine, but it wasn't to be. The bus took a wrong turn and by the time we got there we'd missed the boat. Judging by the midgie bites we got in the ten minutes we were there, though, this was the best thing that could have happened. Instead we went to Blairdrummond Safari Park, which was nearby. We had a great time in the petting zoo, the sealion show, on the boat to chimp island, on the paddle boats and on the football pitch.

Bird Llama Pig

Sealion Penguin

Boat Slide



Erskine Sports Centre

On Tuesday we had a day at a sports centre. We started off with football and archery, then a bit of lunch, then trampoline or basketball.

Whistle Basketball

Archery Archery

Sports Day

Most of the buddies who hurt themselves at the sports last week were now fit again, and ready to go for sports day. We had flat races, obstacle races, sack races, welly boot throwing, tug of war and of course a water fight.


Wheelbarrows Sack Race


Thursday was another whole day trip, and we went down to Ayr. There were plenty of shops to visit, lots of grass to play football on and a beach to get buried in.


Bookshop Sizes

Balancing Sitting


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