Junior Camp 2005

Date: 2-9 July 2005


At junior camp this year we had a great week. We had a theme again this year, which was space. The rooms were decked out with stars and planets, rockets and spacemen, each dorm had a planet name, and the lessons and handcraft related to the theme as well. Our missionary this year was Ruth Box.


Games are always an important part of camp, and as well as the usual rounders, football, etc, we had a few new ones to try out.

02-spaceballs.jpg 04-throwout.jpg 05-hit.jpg 07-dive.jpg 08-seated.jpg

Crazy Planet

Instead of charades, this year we had a Crazy Planet competition. Each dorm had to represent their planet, with costumes, national anthems and planet flag.

09-saturn.jpg 10-neptune.jpg 11-hats.jpg 12-masks.jpg

Science Centre

Out first big trip was to the science centre. Here we had a look round all the exhibits, and watched an IMAX film all about space.

13-hair.jpg 14-eye.jpg 15-push.jpg 16-climb.jpg 18-slides.jpg 19-group.jpg 20-puppet.jpg

Swimming and Chatelerault

On Tuesday we went to the swimming pool at Motherwell. They've replaced the rubber rings with mats for the flume, which made it much faster than before. Afterwards, we travelled to Chatelerault, in nearby Hamilton, to eat our lunch and then explore the grounds, which have a great play park, an old stately home, some good walks and an indoor place with information and a cafe. Oh, and there was some grass to get a game of football on.

22-shroom.jpg 23-top.jpg 24-group.jpg 25-hang.jpg


Ruth Box was our missionary for the week. She told us about MAF, Mission Aviation Fellowship, which works in many countries, flying in supplies and help to people. We found out about some of the different countries, and how people live there.

26-fold.jpg 27-ruth.jpg 28-show.jpg

Sports Day

Sports day gave us the chance to compete in our teams to gain a huge number of points. We had races, welly throwing, relays, obstacle race and a chance to throw a wet sponge at the person who's been bothering you all week. All followed by the water fight, of course.

d01-barrow.jpg d02-barrow.jpg d03-hopper.jpg d04-welly.jpg d05-throttle.jpg d06-relay.jpg d07-net.jpg

Blairdrummond Safari Park

We had a full day at Blairdrummond, and a good day it was too. We had a trip around the animal enclosure before having a shot on the boats, visiting chimp island, going to see the sealion show and visiting the petting farm.

29-nelly.jpg 30-chimp.jpg 31-boat.jpg 33-boat.jpg 34-boat.jpg 36-fox.jpg d08-elephant.jpg d09-sealion.jpg d10-stroke.jpg d11-safari.jpg


Friday's outing was a trip to the shops in Paisley, to buy presents to take back home as well as a supply of sweets for the midnight feast.


Friday evening had a slightly different programme. We had party games after team games, then we had our meeting.


Camp Fire

After the meeting the camp fire was lit and we sang songs around it. Then we had a testimony time, where campers, leaders and helpers could tell what God had been teaching them during the week.

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