Camp Reunion 2005

This was our second Camp Reunion this year, because last year's camp's reunion happened this February. This time the theme was Grand Prix, tieing in the idea of racing cars and bikes with the great prize to be gained in Christianity: the knowledge of Jesus as Saviour and Friend.

01-kids1.jpg 02-kids2.jpg

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Andy and Ruth Lovell were here again, with Freddy of course, to help us out and bring the message to the kids.

05-andyruth.jpg 06-freddy.jpg


To go along with the theme, we had some kindly loaned motorbikes and a rally car for the kids to take a look at, and even sit on/inside. These proved very popular with the kids, and some of the leaders.

08-bike1.jpg 09-bike2.jpg 10-bike3.jpg 11-bike4.jpg

12-car1.jpg 13-car2.jpg 14-car3.jpg

Throughout Saturday, one of our challenges was to build our own racing car, from a wheelbarrow and whatever odds and ends we could find. Much attention was paid to the designs and we had lots of great looking racers by late afternoon.

15-barra0.jpg 16-barra7.jpg 17-barra1.jpg 18-barra2.jpg 19-barra3.jpg

Then it was time to test out the racing cars. Two laps round the games hall sorted out the men from the boys and highlighted that we should maybe have paid more attention to how well the decoration would stay attached to the cars.

20-barra4.jpg 21-barra5.jpg 22-barra6.jpg

On Saturday evening we took a trip to the Big Adventure in Linwood. This is a big building with a huge play area built inside it. The kids enjoyed running about and climbing up and down, while the leaders had a cup of tea and watched. And didn't play any part in throwing the balls about. Oh no, not at all.

23-big1.jpg 24-big2.jpg 25-big3.jpg 26-big4.jpg 27-big5.jpg

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