Teen Camp 2005

Date: 9-16 July 2005


Teen Camp was busy this year, and it was hot. Never in the history of camp have so many tubs of calomine lotion been required by Mrs Mac. The TCP was hardly touched. Anyway, the week went well, with a few innovations this year, and 4 of the campers came to the Lord. Ruth Box was our missionary again, and she told us about an exciting project she's starting up to help and be a witness to people in Glasgow.

Erskine Beach

02-park.jpg 03-park.jpg

Sticking with tradition, we went to Erskine Beach on Sunday, but stayed at the lower area of grass.


04-charades.jpg 05-charades.jpg 06-charades.jpg 07-charades.jpg

Sunday afternoon was charades time. Each dorm had to enact a scene from the Bible, and they were judged based on costumes, acting and accuracy.

Loch Lomond

09-lomond.jpg 12-jetski.jpg 11-cooks.jpg 14-girls.jpg


This was the hottest day of the year, and we spent it out at Loch Lomond. We had a great day in the water and on the jetski, but even liberl application of suncream didn't stop some getting burned.

Sports Day

16-bull.jpg 18-bull.jpg 19-slide.jpg 20-slide.jpg 21-slide.jpg 22-football.jpg

Sports days was a bit different. We had a mechanical bull to test rodeo skills (much in need in the West of Scotland), a big bouncy slide, and a man-size table football game.

25-horses.jpg 26-footie.jpg 27-guys.jpg

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