Camp Reunion 2006

Jungle Jamboree

Welcome to the Jungle Jamboree! The camp was kitted out with jungle foliage, banana trees, crocodiles, monkeys, elephants and as many jungle animals as you could mention this year as we arrived for camp reunion.

Andy and Ruth were with us again, with Freddy of course, and Leah, and brought the lessons to life with stories from the jungle, relating them to Bible stories and the theme: choosing the right path.


Kick-off was Friday night, and after getting settled in to our dorms we had a period of games before the first meeting of the weekend.

03-games.jpg 04-games.jpg

Everyone was divided into either Neil's orange team or Rod's greens. Every point earned, and every one lost, was vital as by the Sunday final count there were only 10 points between the teams. There were songs, a sword drill and a quiz, and Andy told us the story about Sticky and the jungle fire, and about the safety of the great Rock. Freddy came out to give us one of his songs.


After the meeting we had supper, the first dishes team got to work, and finally off to our dorms for quiet time and bed.

Saturday's the big day at camp reunion, and it starts with a quiet time and breakfast. There was a bit of time to tidy up the dorms before we had our morning meeting and lunch. After lunch it was time to get ready for our outing.


We took a trip across the Clyde and up to Balloch, to the Loch Lomond Shores area. They have a new sea life centre there, and we went to see the fish.

07-gang.jpg 11-tunnel.jpg

The first part of the tour had some tanks with varying size fish to see, and also an area where they have some otters running about. There were some more fish upstairs on the way to the cafe, and a film showing in the cinema, about transporting the otters to the centre. I was starting to feel a bit disappointed that there wasn't more to see, when we took a lift down and came out into an area with lots of exotic fish: rays and so on, anda big underwater tunnel with sharks swimming above our heads. There were little rock pools as well, and the staff explained about crabs and starfish.

09-reef.jpg 10-shark.jpg

05-fish.jpg 06-fish.jpg

Back to the camp for tea time and we had jungle canoes (sausages) with little paddles (beetroot on cocktail sticks). There was time for games, which involved a big parachute, and a competition to build a freestanding giraffe out of newspaper. The team who wrapped one of their side in newspaper were disqualified. I don't know, who gave them that silly idea?

12-chute.jpg 13-giraffe.jpg

Saturday evening's meeting was really good, and we were all tired by supper time. It had been a long day but a good one.

Sunday started much the same as Saturday, but we had a colouring in time before the meeting and a different meeting since it was Sunday. We had our last lesson from Andy, enjoyed a good lunch and then it was time to get our stuff ready and leave.

Goodbye Jungle Jamboreers, see you next year. I wonder what the theme will be next time!

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