Teen Camp 2006

Date: 8-15 July 2006

Teen camp 2006 went well, but I wasn't there, so this will just be a mainly photo-filled page, with little comment from me. Maybe you prefer it that way!

Glennifer Braes

01-group.jpg 02-fence.jpg 03-coo.jpg

Cart Racing

04-racers.jpg 05-cart1.jpg 06-cart2.jpg 07-cart3.jpg 08-winners.jpg

The Beach

09-beach.jpg 10-beach.jpg 11-beach.jpg 11a-mrmac.jpg

Sports Day

12-sack.jpg 13-tug.jpg 14-group.jpg 15-dribble.jpg 16-net.jpg 17-family.jpg

Laser Tag

18-laser.jpg 19-outfit.jpg 20-ready.jpg 22-group.jpg

Out for Dinner

23-meal.jpg 24-meal.jpg 25-meal.jpg 26-meal.jpg

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