Camp Reunion 2007


The London Olympics in 2012 will have nothing on the Inchinnan Olympics 2007. We gathered from the 4 corners of Renfrewshire to celebrate our shared humanity, the joy of competing and hopefully tire the kids out by the evening. In the lessons we learned about how God helps us and how we should be a help to others.

For the Olympic events we were divided into five coloured teams (top marks to the yellows for being the most colour coordinated). We had to think up a name for the team, design a flag, make up a motto and put together a song, all within a couple of hours.

blue black red yellow green

We had a bit of time on Saturday morning after our team preparations, so we went outside to witness the rare sight of a dry October day.

hang battle see saw tyre

close up shot as well

The main event was on Saturday afternoon at the sport centre. In our teams again, we took part in all sorts of sports: javelin, discus, shot putt, triple jump, long jump, high jump and the relay race. At the meeting on Saturday night medals were given out to many who had competed well.

long high jump jump

jave shot putt lin

The younger ones had their own race at the end. This was delayed slightly by an impromptu display of baton fencing but made a good finish to the events.



So we had a good weekend. Thanks to everone who helped out and to the kids for enjoying themselves and being good learners.

face pals

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