Teen Camp 2007

Date: 14-21 July 2007


Hello from all at camp this year. We had a lovely week for camp, with some nice sunny days for the outings. Here are some of the highlights in pictures for you.

Couch Boys Girls Boys


Bowlers YoungBowler Sitting Carry Lift Smile Throw Watch

Sports Day

13-donkeys Islands 14-boot 15-throw 16-oops 17-sunny 18-hayfever 20-tug 21-owar 22-welly 23-menmum 24-tractor

25-quad 26-squeeze 27-ready


28-waiting 29-ferry 30-leftonbus 31-ontheway By The Sea 32-crouch 33-bikes 34-biker 35-headgear 36-icecream 37-pretend 38-skimmers 39-laugh 40-closeup

Down at the Beach

41-girls 42-bohemian 43-swim 44-cold 45-rocks 46-face

47-singers Dinner

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