Camp Reunion 2008


There was a western feeling in the air for this year's camp reunion, with the campers following the Oregon trail, trailblazers on God's path for them.

Wagon Cowboys

We had Andy and Ruth back with us again, with guest appearances from Freddy. The younger (and older) kids loved the bible lessons and Freddy's songs.

On the Friday night we had a time of games in the games hall, followed by our first meeting. A bite of supper and it was off to the dorms for quiet times and a good night's sleep. The next day would be busy.

Game Running

Saturday was a full day. We had a morning meeting and an evening meeting, three meals plus supper, games and an outing to fit in. For our outing we took a trip to Renfrew and the Victory Baths. This is a lovely old building with cubicles along the side of the pool. There were inflatables to play on and an area marked off for those less able to swim.

In car Cowboy hat

All too soon, Sunday rolls around and we had our final meeting with Andy and Ruth. All that remained after that was to get bags packed and have a sing-song before it was time to leave.

Roll on the summer and two full weeks of camp.


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