Junior Camp 2009

Date: 6-10 July 2009

police badge coastguard

Our junior camp this year was based around the theme that God rescues us, and so also dealt with some of the emergency services that rescue us in different situations as well. We had a decent week for weather, a great time on our outings and learned a lot.


story actors

In the mornings we had our Bible lessons. David taught us about some of the people that God rescued in the Bible and how He helps us today. In the evening Linda led the big meeting which included sword drills, quizzes and Ashley's serial story.

song song



We had a visit from the coastguard. He came and told us a lot about the work they do rescuing people from the water. We had a chance to dress up in the outfits and even did a bit of Baywatch-style float throwing.

guard buoy

throw dressup arrest

On the Tuesday the coastguard helicopter had promised us a flypast, assuming they weren't out on duty at the time. Thankfully no-one needed rescuing at the time and the helicopter came across from their base and did a few circles over the football pitch, while we all waved and tried to get a photo that wasn't just a black outline against a bright sky.

banner group


Fire Station


Our other emergency services based trip was to the local fire station. The fire crew were friendly and gave us all a shot in a fire engine. They even let us try out the hose.

inside linda outside

hose lineup




Each day we had a time for games. We were either out on the football pitch or inside in the games hall. The exception was Friday where we used the games time to swat up on our memory verses for the competition. The scores were very high this year so either the kids are getting better at memorising or the leaders are getting better at teaching.

duck pals

karly shoulders



During the time between morning Bible study and lunch, we split the kids into boys and girls, with one doing handcraft while the others were at games. At handcraft Cheryl showed us how to make bird feeders, filled with some lovely-smelling lard and seeds, and also a picture frame with the Lord's prayer.

bird paint

frame teach

Kelburne Country Park


Our biggest day trip was to Kelburne Country Park, down past Largs. We had great weather for the day, so got to enjoy it to the full. We played on the fort, conquered the assault course, solved the mysteries of the secret forest and paddled in the water at the waterfall. Oh, and the kids did some stuff too.

swing peep shop leaf

bridge walk pals

seat fingers group



Our last day was Friday and we had a treat as we went horseriding. We went to the stables in Houston in groups and had a chance to see the horses in the stables while our steeds for the day were being prepared. Once helmeted and mounted we were taken out on a walk (or a hack for those who knew what they were talking about) around the fields and roads nearby.

patwhite difference

wayout nextgroup wayhome

h21 h22 h23 h24 h25 h26

h27 h28 h29 h30 h31

h32 h33 h34 h35 h36 h37


Friday night was the big climax of the week: the end of the serial story, the sword drill final and the results of the points competition from the whole week. And then before we knew it camp was over and we were all heading home.

cooks piper

eyes hat

pals twins

inside back horse

friends whip glove

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