Junior Camp 2010

Polar Extremes

Date: 5-9 July 2010

In anticipation of the usual Scottish summer weather, this year's camp was titled Polar Extremes. Our two teams were polar bears and penguins, we had an igloo and a skier in the dining room and the walls were covered with snowy pictures. There was even an icy theme to sports day.


There was plenty of exercise to be had during the day. After the morning bible meeting, the boys and girls split up with one doing handcraft and the others doing games, swapping round after 45 minutes. We also had evening games after the evening meeting for those campers staying over.

footie tennis

parachute run


We had three things to make in handcraft. On Monday we made penguins from juice bottles and rolls of black tape, adding feet, wings, beak and googly eyes. On Wednesday we decorated candles with paints, beads and sparkles and on Thursday we made a "Love" picture.

penguin blue hands

twins penguins


We had two meetings each day, with Bible in the morning and the main meeting in the evening. Ashley taught the Bible lessons, with different stories from the Bible showing extremes: extreme trust, extreme love and so on. At the evening meetings we had sword drills and quizzes, and David told the life-story of Corrie Ten Boom.

Bible evening

quiz story

Big Adventure

Our first trip out was to the Big Adventure in Linwood. The kids climbed up, slid down, bounced around and generally had an energetic time, while the leaders rested in preparation for the outings to come in the week ahead.

Heads of Ayr


Day 2 and our big outing, to Heads of Ayr Farm Park. It has plenty of animals to see, including meerkats, llamas, rheas, tortoises and a huge python, and there are loads of outdoor activities. Favourite of this lot were the bouncy pillows. There's also a new indoor play area. The big attraction here was the drop slide. It took a bit of courage to push yourself off the edge, but most of the campers managed, and went back for seconds.

swing net climb

bounce bounce bounce

trampoline trampoline trampoline

water fight zip slide tyre slide

meerkat meerkats feeding

tractor slide

slide slide slide

balls balls

Sports Day

polar bears shades more shades

Wednesday is always sports day. The penguins faced the polar bears in a contest of strength, speed and agility. And welly throwing. We had a tug of war, three legged race, obstacle course and then some polar-themed events. There was ice-floe frisbee golf, ice-floe in the middle, roll the rock at the penguin and, finally, the leaders were cast adrift on icebergs and pelted with water balloons. A brief but intense water fight followed.

tugowar tugowar

welly welly

three legs winners

crawl crawl

sprint sprint

discs throw punt

hill penguin rock

iceberg iceberg iceberg



Our Thursday afternoon outing was to the Waterfront in Greenock, for swimming. We had a few hours in the pool, and greatly enjoyed it. And all the kids (and leaders) definitely got a wash this day.


snozone snozone

On the final day we had an outing in line with our polar extremes theme: we went toboganning. We had the smaller slope of the Xscape Snozone to climb up, slide down, climb up, slide down, climb up, etc. The green sledges were definitely a bit more exciting than the red ones.

pals pals south pole


Hope you enjoyed the week of camp, and want to come back again next year.

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