Junior Camp 98

by David Meiklejohn.

Junior camp '98 ran from the 4th to the 11th of July. We had a fairly full camp and our missionaries were from Nigeria: Dan and Hanna Pochy. They brought two of their children with them, Zumnan and Makwa, who came along as campers.

Week Plan

Here's what happened each day of the week:

Daily Schedule

The days were very full. Here's a typical schedule for a day without a full day trip:

Crazy World

On the Sunday we had a fairly relaxed day, using the time to prepare for Crazy World. Each dorm had to have a theme for themselves, and had to display three of the following: national dress, national anthem, flag, game, description. Themes included Rainbow World, Glitter World, Guy Land and Grubber World. Claire's dorm were the Land of Nod (what a surprise). Here they are outside after the competition.



On Monday we went to Blairdrummond Safari Park. We went on the pedal boats and the flying fox ride, took a look around the animals, saw the sealion show and drove around the enclosures (one for general animals and one for the lions).


onboat boat

llama bouncy

amanda pigs tiger

Sports Day

Wednesday, as always, was sports day. Unfortunately it was a bit wet, but that didn't stop the kids enjoying the games, especially throwing the wet sponge at their chosen target and the water fight at the end (followed by hot showers, of course).

Culzean Castle

On Thursday we went to Culzean Castle, down near Ayr. Some took the guided tour around the castle, which was very good, with lots of glimpses of what life was like a few hundred years ago. We then took a walk around to the swan pond, where they had an adventure playground and an area suitable for football (well, it was about a 45 degree slope, but it was grassy). We stopped off at the Electric Brae, a stretch of road where downhill looks uphill and uphill looks downhill.

castle prisc


canon fountain


The kids were very tired by the time we came back.


Friday was our day for a trip into Paisley. This mostly involved visiting umpteen sports and clothes shops, eating at McDonalds and trying to keep your allotted children within eye and ear shot. Another essential for Friday was to stock up on food and drink for the midnight feast.

Party Games

After dinner, and a game of hunt the leader, we had party games. Some of the boys had bought some red hair dye in Paisley, and now sported bright red hair. We played 12345, the mars bar game, Lazarus arise and ducking for marshmallows among others.


Midnight feast

After the party games, and a lot of hair washing, we had our meeting, then the camp fire. Ten children professed to having accepted salvation during the week. After the fire, we got changed for bed and got ready for the midnight feast.

Once again, Angus emerged as the fluffy bunny (maximum number of marshmallows in the mouth) champion, outperforming everyone else by a fair amount.




Saturday was time to leave. Rooms were cleaned, toilets and showers cleaned out and all the kids taken home at ten o'clock. At three the next group arrived for the start of another week of camp.