Senior Camp 98

by David Meiklejohn.

Senior camp '98 was from the 18th to the 25th of July. We had two groups of Americans over, and Naomi came over from Ireland. Outings were to Millport and Greenock, as well as bowling, Dumbarton and Glasgow. Unfortunately the weather wasn't good enough to go to Loch Lomond this year.


This is a group of us on the Saturday, before everyone else arrived.


On Saturday it was nice and sunny, so we took a trip to Overton House, Dumbarton, for a walk. We walked through the woods, past a waterfall and back to the house.

waterfall clairebushes castle


On Sunday, after the rest of the Americans had arrived and gone to bed, a few of us took a trip into Glasgow. We went to Glasgow Cathedral and then to the People's Palace.



Monday was rainy, so the planned trip to Millport was off. We went bowling instead, and as you can see, our American friends enjoyed it immensely. After dinner this evening the Americans were given their haggis innoculation tablets.



Tuesday we went to Millport. The weather wasn't great, but good enough to start off round the island. After the usual stop at the wee cafe on the way round, the rain started up and we were told there was a storm warning. We rushed to give the bikes back and head back on the ferry. Back at the Bible Centre it had been sunny all day.


Sports Day

A good day for sports day. Hooray! We had the donkey race, football, hockey, penalty kicks, races, tug of war, the bucket game and the obligatory water fight.

clairepen nicolapen

Here Nicola shows Claire how to take a penalty with style.

pillow1 pillow3

The pillow fights were a time for grudges to be paid back.



We had a photo line-up during the sports day, where we had the Americans together for a photo, and then the rest of us, at which point they soaked us. We were taken completely by surprise, honest.


We went to Greenock on Thursday, instead of the planned trip to Loch Lomond. Ice skating and swimming was the agenda, with a trip to the shops thrown in.


Friday was a trip to Glasgow to go to the shops. What more can I say?

Party Games

On Friday night we had the usual party games, with 12345, knights, horses and cavaliers, etc. As normal, it was fun and got very hot in the room.


Midnight Feast

The midnight feast for the boys was held in room 3 up the stairs. We managed to persuade some of the Americans to have a go at fluffy bunnies, then Rab came in to tell us a few jokes.


Here are some more photos that I couldn't cetagorise into the sections above:

daniel gary


naomi sarah nicolaiain