Junior camp '99 was from the 3rd to the 10th of July. We had a lot of kids and our missionary brought videos of the street kiPds in Brazil.

This week combined the usual two weeks of junior and intermediate camps. The teens had their own programme and helped with the younger ones throughout the week.

Week Plan

Here's what happened each day of the week:

Daily Schedule

The days were very full. Here's a typical schedule for a day without a full day trip:

billygroup mrmacgroup mygroup


We had charades on the Sunday this year. A couple of hours were set aside to choose a bible story and get prepared for it. Competition was tough and it was obvious that some had prepared beforehand.

soldier swords


Monday was sunny and warm, unusual for Scotland. We made the most of it by going to Kelburn Country Park in Largs. They had an adventure playground, an assault course, a secret wood, with cottages, dungeons and towers, and a waterfall, which the kids decided was a good place for a paddle.

swings simon table

Port Glasgow

On Tuesday, we went down to the beach park at Port Glasgow. There are a few walks, a beach, a swing park, and space for a game of football (naturally).

Sports Day

Wednesday is always sports day. The two teams who compete throughout the week have a chance to earn a lot of points this day, as well as a chance to soak their favourite leader at the end. We had the usual events: running, football, the wooden-things-made-by-Rab race and of course the pillow fight.

steps stick

pillow2 pillows soaking


We went to Summerlee on Thursday. This is a place in Coatbridge where they have old steam trains, a mine to go down and a science building which had lots of experiments to play with. After this we went over to the Time Capsule for a swim before going back to the camp.

ropes horsey


Friday was our day for a trip into Paisley. This mostly involved visiting umpteen sports and clothes shops, eating at McDonalds and trying to keep your allotted children within eye and ear shot. Another essential for Friday was to stock up on food and drink for the midnight feast.

Party Games

It was so hot on Friday (what's going on? Are we still in Scotland?) that we decided to have the party games outside, after team games on the football pitch. We played all the usuals: 12345, musical knees, knights, horsemen and cavaliers, out in the courtyard.

balloons knees

Midnight feast

After party games, we had our meeting, then the camp fire. After the fire, we got changed for bed and got ready for the midnight feast. The boys had theirs in the dining room, and the girls in Balmoral lounge, with strict instructions not to make as big a mess as they did last year. Angus did just enough to maintain his fluffy bunny title, then we went to bed.



Saturday was time to leave. Rooms were cleaned, toilets and showers cleaned out and all the kids taken home at ten o'clock. It was a good camp, a tiring one, and it's all happening again next summer.

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