Senior Camp 1999

Senior camp '99 ran from the 17th to the 24th of July, and the outreach week was from the 24th to the 31st. As last year, we had a large group of Americans with us, so some of the activities were more touristy than usual.

During the first week, the weather was pretty awful, the only good day being the sports day. The second week was much better and allowed for happier faces in the photos.

Art Galleries

We started off the week with a trip to the art galleries and the transport museum in Glasgow.

Dumbarton Rock

We went to Dumbarton Rock, visiting the castle on the rock and then climbing up to the top, where there is a good view along the Clyde.

happy girls yellow smile view rock

Sports Day

We had a competition between four teams, with various games (football, hockey, volleyball, etc), which gave us a good chance to soak up the sunshine which had been missing for most of the week.



Millport was wet. Half way round the island it was even wetter. By the time we made it round on our bikes we were soaked to the bone and ready to go back home. Another traditional Scottish holiday out then!



On the first Friday, we took a trip into Glasgow, stopping off at the Rangers shop at Ibrox, before tubing into the city centre. Most of the Americans seemed to want to go to Gap, strangely.

Party Games

Party games on Friday night. What more can I say?

busgame cap horses

Camp Fire

Another camp tradition, the camp fire on the Friday night, and the weather held off for us to enjoy it.

fire1 fire2

Ben Lomond

The second week was much better weather-wise. As those helping in the outreaches worked towards getting their clubs prepared, we toured various parts of Scotland. Our climb up Ben Lomond was made by some, half done by others and not even attempted by some more. Another part of the group decided that water sports was more their thing.

jamesaudrey cldaan ricans ricans2 lomond

Stirling & Bannockburn

We visite Bannockburn, having lunch at the monument there, and then went to Stirling, parking at the castle, and visiting the local shops.

stirlingc bruce

Millport Again

After the washout of last week, we voted to go to Millport again on a sunny day. This is the first time I've been to Millport without going round the island on a bike. We tried out the pitch and put, had a few games of tennis, and generally enjoyed being in Millport without rain.



During the two weeks there was an exchange of cultural ideas. The Americans taught the Scots how to throw lassoos, dance like cowboys, be Forrest Gump and handle an American football. We showed then how to paint their faces and act like a bunch of diddies. We were also treated to Rhett's "wee man" exhibition.

brave tartan wee

This man enjoyed his two weeks:


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