This collection of pages is a sort of photo album. I like to store the pictures from my holidays, and write a bit of text to remind me of what we did and where we went. If it helps anyone decide to go somewhere or to avoid somewhere or if you just enjoy reading about our experiences, fair enough, but it's mainly a personal reminder.

2014 - summer holidays in Jersey with lots of beaches 2014 - 5 days in London, at Harry Potter, Legoland and the zoo 2013 - 10 days in Ibiza, right next to the beach 2013 - A visit to the centre of London, with all the usual sights 2012 - A magical day trip to Lapland to ride with huskys and meet Santa 2012 - Two weeks in Tenerife at the lovely Marylanza, with much water park fun and a volcano

2019 - Iceland

2019 A minibreak to the land of fire and ice, to visit the golden circle and hopefully to see the northern lights. Did we manage? Click through and see for yuorself.



2018 - Menorca

2018c A week in October, when it's still fairly warm in the Med, we took a holiday to Menorca, completing our Balearic trilogy. We even hired a car to get about the island and see a bit more than we did in Kos.



2018 - Kos

2018b Just 7 days this summer, on the sunny and very windy island of Kos, a Greek island just off the coast of Turkey. We didn't do too much so this has the lowest photo count for a long time, but enjoyed the heat and the sea.



2018 - Skye

2018 We wanted to go back to Skye again, so we booked Applegate for the week at Easter. We revisited a few of our favourite sites, plus went to see a few places we didn't see last time. We had a busy week but still made time to do some jigsaws.



2017 - Fort William

2017 We had some time in October, so booked a cabin in Fort William for a long weekend. It was a Harry Potter themed trip almost, as we went to the falls featured in one of the films, and the viaduct featured in another. A bit rainy but a decent time away from home.



2017 - Bulgaria

2017 After last year's brilliant but cool holiday, we went for some hot weather this summer, to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, taking our Levs with us to a hotel with a water park.



2017 - Belfast

2017 A short trip to the green isle, home of pleasant folk and much rain. We stayed just outside Belfast and hired a car to get us about from Monday to Friday. We did see a rainbow but didn't find any pots of gold.



2016 - South Africa

2016 And now to the big adventure we've been saving up for over the last few years. We had a trip to South Africa, and spent 15 days exploring, driving, visiting animal sanctuaries and goin on safari. We had a great time and didn't catch any tropical diseases.



2016 - Cornwall

2016 When Cate's away the parents will play - we have a very cheap holiday in a manor in Cornwall for the cost of sitting in on a timeshare presentation. It was good weather and lovely countryside but what a long drive to get there, and get home again.



2016 - Paris

2016 Last year of nursery: Disneyland Paris. Last year of Primary: Disneyland Paris. We've started a pattern here and are looking forward to 6th year at High School. We went to Disneyland for the second time, this time staying at a Disney hotel from the Monday to the Friday during the Spring holidays. We had a great time and Claire only felt sick four times (twice on the plane and twice on the rides).



2015 - Haggerston

2015 This October we made a return visit to Haggerston caravan park near Berwick Upon Tweed. We stayed from Monday to Friday and had a full programme of activities booked up, with a free day to go on a trip to Alnwick Castle.



2015 - Tenerife

2015 A repeat visit to Tenerife and the Marlylanza. The place was even better than before with the highlight being the chocolate coated doughnuts available at breakfast every day. This was going to be a real challenge to not gain weight, but many, many lengths of the pool might just do the job.



2015 - Skye

2015 Easter time and we thought we's try a bit of Scottish hospitality. We've talked about going to Skye before but never been, so we crossed our fingers for the weather and booked a cottage on the island. As it turned out, the weather was great and the island is stunning. We had a great week.



2014 - Center Parcs

2014 For the October week off this year we had a Monday to Friday holiday at Center Parcs in Woburn Forest, down near Luton. It's a brand new resort so everything was bright and shiny, except for the weather. But we enjoyed sliding round the river rapids outdoors while it rained on our heads.



2014 - Jersey

2014 Our summer holiday this year was in Jersey. We stayed at a nice hotel with its own leisure pool and hired a car for the period, visiting as many parts of the island as we could. The weather was great, so we got to the beach a few times and enjoyed a few ice creams.



2014 - London

2014 After London last year we wanted to visit a few of the places just outside, which we didn't have time to do on the previous visit. So it was Easyjet again and a hire car this time, to visit the Harry Potter Studio tour, Legoland for two days and Whipsnade Zoo.



2013 - Ibiza

2013 A return to one of our old haunts this summer as we went to Ibiza for our main holiday. We stayed at the top corner in the resort of Portinatx, well away from the clubs on San Antonio and right next to a lovely beach. Read about our relaxing holiday and the one moment of terror at this page.



2013 - London

2013 This Easter we were still getting snow as we went into the holidays, so heavy coats would be required unless we went to the Med. We decided that a mid-week trip to London would be a good idea, so we took our walking shoes onto the Easyjet and Easybus to sample the delights of Kensington and all the other boroughs.



2012 - Lapland

2012 We've had birthday parties, birthday trips, cinema visits and birthday teas. This year for Cate's birthday we did something different. We flew to Lapland to see Santa. It was a very long day, but we had fun in the snow, got some lessons from elves and even had a bit of Angry Birds action.



2012 - Haggerston Castle

2012 For the October break we took a short break at Haggerston Catle caravan park. It was no Tenerife but we did have an enjoyable break and despite the rain we managed to get out for a few trips and took part in some activities at the park. Beware though: a few local attractions are shut by October.



2012 - Tenerife

2012 We had an extra long summer holiday this year, with a two week break in Tenerife while the rain came down day after day back home. We had lovely weather and stayed in a great hotel, with as much food as we could demolish, day after day. We had a few trips out, to the volcano, to a water park (twice) and to an animal park.



2011 - Nairn

2011 In a first for us we had three holidays this year. In October we took the school week off to drive up north to Nairn for a couple of days. We had sun and driving rain but mostly wind and cold, but Nairn is a beautiful part of the country whatever the weather.



2011 - Center Parcs

2011 In July we had a week at CenterParcs Whinfell Forest, which is near Preston, just outside the Lake District. We went with Linda, John and Kyle, stayed in a lodge for the week and booked up lots of activities for the kids. We had a good week and got plenty of exercise riding around the forest paths.



2011 - Blackpool

2011 A short holiday in April to Blackpool Haven caravan park. We stayed for 5 days and enjoyed the park, the Sandcastle and the Pleasure beach. It was a cold start to the season though and the little gas fire in the caravan was on full-tilt for most of the time we were in it.



2010 - Scarborough

2010 This year we stayed at home in the UK. We rented a cottage in the North Yorkshire Moors, near Scarborough, for the week. We managed to get out somewhere reasonably interesting each day and the cottage was an excellent base to work from, as well as being a relaxing place to return to at the end of each day. Colin, Irene and Sam came along with us for this trip.

2009 - Anstruther

2009 Our holiday in Paris was in early May, so by the time summer was well in, we were yearning for another break. So we had a few days in the East Neuk of Fife, staying at a lovely hotel in Anstruther. With a full cooked breakfast every morning we were well fuelled to explore the excellent beaches nearby, and visit a few other places as well. It was only four days but we left with some happy memories (mmmm, battered prawns).

2009 - Disneyland Paris

2009 This is the last chance to book a cheap holiday abroad since Cate will be in school by next year, so we had a May week at Disneyland Paris. The weather was variable but the queues weren't as bad as they will be at high summer and we had a great time. We had four days at the Disneyland parks, plus a day at the nearby sea-life centre and a day trip to Paris.


2008 - Majorca

2008 After last years failed attempt to go abroad we thought we'd have another go. Somewhere warm, fairly quiet and with not too long a flight. The Mediterranean sounded nice and we've never been to Majorca so we tried there. A frined recommended Puerto Pollensa as a nice quiet area, so we found a hotel with a kids club and booked it up. Our most expensive holiday since Kenya, but it was half board so we saved a lot on restaurant bills.


2007 - Berwick

2007 Well, the trip to Turkey didn't work out, but we wanted to get a week away somewhere. We ended up in the Haven caravan park in Berwick, for a week of beach trips, castle visits and trampolining. There was plenty to do in the park, which had an indoor swimming pool as well as the usual leisure pursuits, and the evening show by Rory and friends was popular as well.


2007 - Not Turkey

2007 After a couple of trips to Wales we thought Cate was old enough to travel abroad, so we planned to go to Turkey for our holidays. Our plans were overruled though, as Cate broke out in chicken pox on the day we were due to fly. Instead we spent the week visiting a number of more local spots of interest, from Largs to Loch Lomond, Ayr to Hamilton. We did have a good week, and some lovely weather.


2006 - Wales

2006 We liked our trip to Wales last year so much that we decided to go again, to the same cottage. This time we shared with Irene, Colin and Sam. We had the most amazing week of sunshine, and really enjoyed our holiday, especially the beaches.



2005 - Wales

2005 This year we decided to stay in Britan for a change. I'd read that the Llyn peninsula was a lovely place to visit, and found a cottage in Snowdonia nearby, which had been voted the best place to stay in Wales a couple of years ago. We booked it up and it turned out to be a great choice. We were close to the mountains and within a fairly easy drive of some decent beaches. And the cottage was fabulous.


2004 - Jersey

2004 A week in Jersey this year, trying to get the sunshine of France with the currency and language of Britain. We had a good week here, with a variety of places to visit and some good, sunny weather for the second half of the week. Visit Plemont Bay if you go there and are looking for a nice beach. Just be careful of the tides.



2003 - Paris and Normandy

2003 We fancied a longer holiday this year, so booked up some time in Paris again, plus some time in a hotel in Normandy, booked through VFB Holidays. Paris was suffering a heatwave, so we didn't walk about too much, and appreciated the air conditioning in the hotel. Normandy was cooler, and the food at the hotel was first class.



2003 - York

2003 We had a mini-break, as they're known, in York. We got a hotel near Leeds through Hotel Connexions, and drove into York each day. There's lots to see in York, and the town centre is fairly well contained, so you can walk everywhere. Overall, a refreshing and interesting break.



2002 - Turkey

2002 I found this hotel in Turkey in the advertising pages of a BT newspaper. The rates were very cheap and it sounded nice and relaxing. It was. We spent most of our time sitting by (and swimming in) the pool, with just a few excursions. The hotel food was lovely, and cheap. Our only problem was that Turkey in August is very hot.



2001 - Gran Canaria

2001 We went to Gran Canaria this year, booking through the travel agent. We had a fun week, with a jeep ride and a camel ride being the main highlights. Our hotel was up the top of a hill, and hot in the evenings, but had a good pool and decent dining. Not a bad holiday over all.



2001 - Madeira

2001 We got a free weekend break this year, thanks to a colleague nominating me for an award at work. We spent the weekend at the world renowned Reids Palace - very plush. We did feel we were the youngest tourists on the island, but enjoyed our weekend, including the flower festival.



2000 - Paris

2000 A city break for a change this year. I found a decently priced hotel on the internet, and had enough air miles to get us there, so we had plenty of spending cash for this holiday. We went to most of the major attractions in Paris, including getting lost in the Louvre. There was so much more we didn't do, though. Highlight of the week was our visit to Versaille.



2000 - Lake District

2000 A short break this time, with a few days in the Lake District. We stayed in Windermere, and managed to drive around most of the lakes in our 4 days. There are some lovely views among the hills, and a decent variety of eating places in Windermere.



1999 - Ibiza

1999 Still recovering from the fanancial hit of getting married, we had a cheap package holiday in Ibiza this year. Known for it's clubbing, there is a lot more to the island, and we found some interesting and historical places to visit. The walls around Ibiza Town were a good walk, though perhaps I shouldn't have done that after straining my ankle a couple of days before.



1998 - Torquay

1998 It's a long drive down to the south of England, but we were able to use the car to good effect when we stayed in Torquay for the week. We went to the zoo at Paignton, which was OK, went down int Kent's Cavern, which was good, and spent the day in a forest park, which we really enjoyed. The weather was good, so we managed a bit of time at the beach as well.



1997 - Kenya

1997 This was our honeymoon, so a bit more special than the next few holidays we'll take. We stayed at a four star hotel in Mombassa for two weeks, including a three day excursion on safari. The safari portion was great, seeing the wildlife in the flesh, and the hotel was perfect. The main dining room served great 5 course meals, and there was a good quality Indian restaurant in the basement. Mmmmm.



1991 - Zimbabwe

1991 This was a holiday I went on with my Uncle Alex. We spent a couple of weeks in Zimbabwe with my uncle, aunt and cousin, who stay there. We had a chance to go on safari, cruise on the flooded lake at Kariba, stay in the high mountains and visit the mighty Victoria Falls. A beautiful country, with friendly people and the most amazing sights.