Colin and Irene's Wedding - 1999

Colin and Irene were married on the 26th June, 1999. They managed to get a lovely day for the wedding, though the evening had some thunder and lightning. The wedding was at the Hebron Hall, Glengarnock, and the reception was at the Claremont, in Kilwinning. Irene's sister Claire, along with friends Kim, Nicola and Audrey, were bridesmaids; her cousins Kirsty, Lexi and Morgan were flower girls. Colin's brother Scott was best man, with his other brother, Bob, and Irene's brother Peter as ushers.


The Gallagher household was crowded for most of the morning, with family from Scotland and America (Lexi and Morgan had come over from the States), and all of the bridesmaids running about getting hair done and photos taken.

Margaret, Gordon and Vina Andy, Morgan and Lexi Claire, Lexi, Morgan and Kirsty


When 2 o'clock eventually came round, the groom and best man went inside the church and waited on the bridal party, who arrived soon after (Andy not liking to be late for anything). The service, conducted by Mr. William Ewing, lasted about half an hour, including a few hymns and, happily, no objections.

Colin and Scott Colin and Scott

Andy and Irene Andy and Irene

Lexi, Kirsty and Morgan Bridesmaids and Flower Girls


After the service, everyone got in their respective cars and headed off. The wedding party went to Eglinton Park for photos, then a subset went on to the abbey.

David and Claire The Wedding Party Irene


Eventually, everyone arrived at the Claremont. The bride and groom were piped in, shook hands with everyone coming into the dining room, and we all sat down to dinner, with speeches to follow.

The Piper

Irene Eating a Strawberry

Table 1 Table 2 Table 3


After dinner, the room was reorganised to accommodate the dance floor. More guests arrived, and we only had to wait for the cutting of the cake before the dancing began. The band played ceilidh tunes and guided us through the dances, until at the end of the night Colin and Irene changed into their going away outfits and headed off for sunny Italy.

Claire Sitting

The Cake Cutting the Cake

The First Dance

Reaching for the Lights

The Girls

David Meiklejohn