Lake District - 2000 slideshow

Claire and I took a few days in the Lake District from the 6th to the 10th of June, 2000. We stayed at a lovely guest house, the Kirkwood, in Windermere. We were just at the join between Bowness and Windermere. Bowness went down to the lake, and appeared to be the place for restaurants and sweety shops.


We drove down from Scotland on the Tuesday. The whole drive can be done in about two and a half hours, but we took our time and took a bit longer. We arrived in plenty time to take a look around the town, though, and did a bit of planning for the days ahead before sampling a local Swiss/Italian restaurant. The lakeside at Bowness was home to a large number of swans and ducks, who seemed not too bothered by the people about.

A swan Swans


On Wednesday we took a cruise on the lake, on board the good ship Swan. We went from Bowness to Lakeside, then took a steam train to Haversham, where we wandered about until we found the Artcrystal glass carving shop. After the train back to Lakeside we visited the aquarium, which was quite good, before taking the boat back to Bowness. Handy tip for the cruises: take a jumper. We had chinese that night. Mmmmm.

The Swan Hills Steam Train


Thursday was awful for weather. It poured all day. We visited the internet cafe at Bowness, then went to Kendal for the shops and badminton and swimming at the local sports centre. An indian finished the day off nicely.


The sun was out and it was time for lots of touring. We took the wee ferry across Windermere (good value at 2 pounds) and drove about on the other side. After a visit to Beatrix Potter's house we went to Hawkshead for lunch, then down to the Grisedale Forest for a walk. We then drove up through the hills to Keswick, where we visited one of the highlights of the trip - the Cars of the Stars museum. This place had loads of original cars from films and TV programmes, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Batmobile, Kit, Delboy's Reliant van and many more. Excellent value and worth going round twice. Back in Windermere, we had our last night out in an Italian place.

Wood Carving

Hills Hills Hills

Stream Stream


We had loads of time to get home on Saturday, and it was a nice day, so we took the long route back to the motorway, through Ullswater, and so on, until we reached Penrith. Along the way we passed a convoy of about 50 mini coopers, obviously on some sort of convention day out. After chips in Penrith, it was straight home for a rest and to get the photos developed.

Hills Hills

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