Meiklejohns in Australia

Nola Sheppard - Brisbane


Nola was a Meiklejohn before she married Kevin. The family stay in Brisbane, and include four children, along with, at last count, 17 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Sadly, Kevin passed away in March 2006, and Nola recently passed away too. Here are a few family photos:

NolaKevin Wedding William and Norma
Nola and Kevin Wedding of son Alan to Jaclyn Nola's parents William and Ethel Norma
Matthew Norma
Grandson Matthew John Mum Norma on her 90th birthday, with sisters Valmai and Dulcie

Ethel Norma passed away in July 2005, aged 91. She'll be missed by the family.

Arthur and Irene Meiklejohn - Brisbane

Arthur and Irene

Brisbane seems to be a hive of Meiklejohn activity. Arthur and Irene live there, as do many of their Meiklejohn relatives. The picture below is of their daughter Nicole with Arthur's mother Dulcie. Arthur's mother Dulcie is the sister of Nola's mother Norma, and his father George was Nola's father William's brother. Arthur and Irene have four children: Nicole, Cameron, Trent and Tammy. Dulcie and other sister Valmai are still going strong at 105 and 96.

George Dulcie Dulcie at 105
George Dulcie Dulcie at 105

Nicole and Dulcie Cameron Trent Tammy
Nicole & Dulcie Cameron Trent Tammy


David Meiklejohn - North Carlton

David stays in North Carlton with his wife Franca and their daughter Lucia. They have a website with some pictures from recent months.

Web Page

Ben Meiklejohn - Brisbane

Ben is another Meiklejohn from Brisbane, and he's been keeping the family going with his first child, Chloe being born this year(2004). He's been getting together with others from the clan and traced the family tree back to the 17th century. Apparently Donald Meiklejohn came over to Australia from Wick in 1853, and he is Ben's ancestor.


Stuart Meiklejohn - Sydney

Stuart stays in the suburbs of Sydney. He was born in Scotland, in East Kilbride, and emigrated with his parents in 1967 (a year before I was born). Stuart is married to Vicki, and they have a son and daugher: Brady and Jodi. His parents, John and Margaret, along with a number of uncles and aunts, came from the Motherwell area.

Stuart now has a granddaughter, Breanna, born in January 2008.


Bill Meiklejohn - Cowra

Bill got in touch with me and sent me some updates to the ever increasing list of Meiklejohns in Australia. His family came from Thurso originally. Here they are:

  • Des and Moira Meiklejohn Cowra NSW
  • Robert, Daniel, James and Sam Meiklejohn Canberra
  • Chris, Viv, Simon and Patrick Meiklejohn Cowra NSW
  • Mark, Robin, Tim amd Jess Meiklejohn Cowra NSW
  • Bill, Gai, Adam and Eliza Meiklejohn Cowra NSW

Jan Gladwin - Canberra

Jan and her husband Bob were Wesleyan missionaries in Papua New Guinea for fourteen years, and now live in Canberra. They have five children, four of them living nearby and another studying in London. Jan has this to say about their Meiklejohn ancestors:

Bob is the great grandson of Barbara McBeath Meiklejohn born 1836 in Thurso - daughter of John Meiklejohn and Mary Manson. Barbara married Peter McKellar in Govan, Lanarkshire and came to Australia via New Zealand. Their daughter Mary Manson McKellar married Lachlan McDonald. Their daughter Mary Barbara McDonald married George William Gladwin and Bob (Robert James) is their youngest son.

Jan has some pictures of some of these Meiklejohns on Picasa.


Matt Meiklejohn - Bathurst

Matt is 18 and lives in Bathurst, near Cowra in New South Wales. His family moved to Sydney in 2001, originally hailing from New Zealand. His dad, Stephen was born in christchurch to Richard "Dick" Meiklejohn and Maureen "Faye" Strawbridge, but moved around a lot as a child. He has an Uncle Rick in New Zealand and an Aunt Lois Randall in Wellington. He's discovered that a "Matthew Fontaine Maury Meiklejohn" received a Victoria Cross in the Boer War and wonders if he might have been a relative.


Barry Meiklejohn - Brisbane

Barry and Margaret live in Brisbane, a veritable hive of Meiklejohn activity, with their three daughters. He also has a brother, Michael, who lives in Brisbane as well. They've traced the family line back to a John Meiklejohn from Thurso, born 1660 & married to Isabel Burn.


Philip Meiklejohn - Ballarat

Philip hailed me from Ballarat in Victoria. His father was James Frederick Meiklejohn and his mother Alva Alice (nee Ford). His father had two brothers and two sisters. Philip has a son, Travis James, born in 1984.


James Sneddon - Adelaide

James' mother is a Meiklejohn and he's been back and forward between Australia and Scotland. I'll let him explain the family:

I am Jim (James) Sneddon and my mother is Rae Meiklejohn now of East Kilbride. My grandparents were Alexander (Sanny) Meiklejohn(D) & Rebecca Simpson O’Brien(D). They had 6 children Walter(D), John(D), Alex(D), May, James (Jim) & Rae. John in Aberdeen & Denise in East Kilbride are my cousins, which means Andy Boag is also my cousin once removed!

I was born in Australia, raised in Cambuslang and am now back in Adelaide, Australia. I have one son Lee.