Meiklejohns in England

Lyndsay Salaman - Westminster

Lyndsay was a Meiklejohn before marrying. Her father, James, came from Glasgow, and lived in London, where he died in 2004. The family now live in Ayr, and scattered around England. Her aunt, Maisie Meiklejohn, married Jack Mustarde, a retired surgeon, and still lives in Scotland. Lyndsay works at Westminster School


Kevin Meiklejohn - Wiltshire

Kevin lives in Chippenham, in Wiltshire, England. He was born in '77 and is also working in Chippenham. He was married to Gemma in July 2005. Gemma is a secondary school teacher in Swindon, and won the Guardian Award for Secondary Teacher of the Year for the West of England in 2006. Congratulations Gemma, good to see the family name being honoured :-)


Roy Meiklejohn and Family

Roy emailed me to let me know there are a few more Meiklejohns to be found in England. His family can be found:

  • 2 in Lincolnshire
  • 1 in Oxfordshire
  • 1 in Cumbria

Jon Meiklejohn - Kent

Jon was born the same year as me and married the same year as me, but doesn't live in the same town. Instead he lives in Sittingbourne with wife Debbi and children Catherine (hey! he has the same named daughter as me!) and Steven.

He knows a bit of his family history, back to the 1600s in Stirling and St Ninian. His great, great grandfather, John, was one of the first Scotland yard detectives and was body guard to Prince Albert, only to be convicted of money laundering and forgery of Clydesdale Bank notes, along with, amongst others the Chief Inspector. Nice to have some colourful characters in the family!


Jamie Meiklejohn - Manchester

Jamie comes from Manchester but his mum, Laura Meiklejohn was originally from Hill of Beath in Fife. There seem to have been a few Meiklejohn from the East Coast so maybe some of you can fit in your family trees together. Jamie is related to the famous Davie Meiklejohn of Rangers and Scotland.


John Meiklejohn - Midlands

Here's another Meiklejohn from England. John got in touch recently and here's what he said:

I am the 5th John in a line of Meiklejohns, whose forefather was a joiner and travelled down from Scotland to the Midlands. He settled in Penkhull in Stoke on Trent and his wood carvings are seen in Penkhull church.

I was adopted because there was an heriditary bone deformation problem, and my father decided not to risk passing it on - so adopted.

His Grand and Great Grand fathers were successful wealthy builders, but his father, rested on the laurels of wealth and ran the business down - devoting much of his time to the cause of apprentices in the construction industry. The talent of art was apparent in all those I knew and recall my grandfather on his death bed, working away at the traditional ornate picture frame carving. I still have a couple of examples.

My father's brother Philip fell out with the family because he wasn't interested in building and went to a career playing the French Horn in the Manchester Halle orchestra.

My Grand father had one brother at least - Edward, who lived locally, and I recall a relative, another Edward, who worked in their Building business as a painter and decorator in Stoke On Trent, emigrating to Toronto - this would be 55 years or so ago? I know of no siblings after my father and his brother Philip ( who also chose not to have children - or adopt) so guess that was the end of the line. My father died early 40 years ago, his brother Philip survived until a few years ago.

Fun story: Unusual name - Meiklejohn?
My middle son emigrated to Canada - to Kelowna - between Vancouver and Calgary. Was looking for work, walking down a street in the town, saw a sign, Meiklejohn's Architects! It was lunch time, but he called in. A guy got up from a desk: "Hi, my name's Jim Meiklejohn!" Andy replied, "My name's Andrew Meiklejohn, give me a job!"
He did!!