Meiklejohns in New Zealand

Ken Meiklejohn

Ken is my first NZ contact, but there seems to be quite a community of us Meiklejohns over there. Here's what Ken wrote:

We are currently planning to celebrate the 150th year anniverary of the arrival in New Zealand of Captain James Strange Mucklejohn (Later Meiklejohn) and his seven sons who built their own ship in P.E. Island Nova Scotia, and left for NZ in about 1856 settling here in 1858. As a young man James was based in Leith, Scotland, where he learned his boat building and from where he went to sea. We would love to know more of the origin of James Strange (we believe that the name Mucklejohn interchanged with Meiklejohn at that time ) . We have developed a comprehensive local family tree involving hundreds of Meiklejohn descendants, and are in the process of setting up a web site under the name via the Google search engine. We have a very active committee working on the Meiklejohn Family reunion which we are scheduling for March 2008.

I trust that this contact may be of interest and possibly lead to more contacts and information about James and his early origin.