Meiklejohns in Scotland

David and Claire Meiklejohn - Houston

David and Claire Meiklejohn Cate Meiklejohn

David and Claire live in Houston, near Johnstone, in the West of Central Scotland. David is a software engineer for BT, and Claire is a housewife and mother. They're both involved in work at The Bible Centre at nearby Inchinnan. Cate was born on the 3rd of December 2004, and has been attempting to gain superior position in the family ever since, with a fair measure of success.

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Graeme Meiklejohn - Dunfermline

Graeme lives over on the east coast of Scotland, in Dunfermline, in the kingdom of Fife, along with his mother and father.

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David Meiklejohn - Bishopton

There are some Meiklejohns that live on the other side of the world from me, and some that live just ten minutes down the road. David stays in Bishopton with his wife Tricia and daughters Vhairi and Heather. He enjoys real ale, motorcycles and fishing.


Andrew and Linda Meiklejohn - Aberdeenshire

Andrew and Linda Meiklejohn

Andrew was born in Paisley in 1945, and married Linda in Durban, South Africa, in 1969. They have two children: Nicola and Stuart. Andrew and Linda own and run the Castle Hotel in Aberdeenshire.

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Alexander Meiklejohn - Clydebank

Alexander and Caroline Meiklejohn

Alexander Jamieson Meiklejohn got in touch with me. He lives in Clydebank with wife Caroline and has worked back a few generations in his family tree, trying to find out more. He was born in the same year as me, so probably feels as old as I do.


Denise Meiklejohn - East Kilbride

Denise lived in East Kilbride and worked in Glasgow at Strathclyde University. Her mum and dad are James and Margaret and she has two sisters: Lorna and Elizabeth-Anne. Sadly Denise passed away in 2016.

Andy Boag - East Kilbride

Andy and Denise are cousins once removed, sharing the same great grandparents. Their great grandparents were part of a duo of marriages from the same families: two Meiklejohn brothers married two O'Brien sisters. Here's Andy's progress so far. Get in contact if you can help him:

"I have tracked the Meiklejohns for my part back to around 1750 to Tulliallan. From there they have branched out to Lanarkshire - Cambusnethan and Cambuslang and East Kilbride but also to Renfrew Greenock and Bonhill also Barrhead. I am trying to find connections right now to any family in Paisley "region" through descendants of Margaret born 1847 in Greenock Thomas born 1848 in Renfrew Walter born 1852 in Bonhill (My great great grandfather), Jessie born 1855 in Greenock James born 1857 in Renfrew and William born 1859 in Bonhill. Their father was Robert born Kincardine 1801 and mother was Janet Buchanan born Bonhill 1821. Roberts first wife was Grace Wilson (not sure where she was born) but they were married 27/12/1829 and had two kids Robert born 1832 in Greenock and William born 1835 (not clear where). I can also tell you that Robert was son of William Meiklejohn and Elizabeth "Scotland" who were married 27/6/1786 in Tulliallan. I have so far been unable to get any more information. I am pretty sure there was a Meiklejohn family in Tulliallan as I have found a Euphemia born in1786 but do not know if she is related to William or not. As for Elizabeth, I gave up instantly when I seen how many "Scotland" entries came up on the lists. I think I may have reached the end of the line unless I get some connection for William. So I am currently looking at more recent - well within past 180 years and try to build down some other sections of the family as I have established Walters descendry down to myself."


John Meiklejohn - Aberdeenshire

John is from Cambuslang, but now lives in Aberdeenshire with his wife and three children. He's Denise's cousin and Andy's cousin once removed.


Marilyn Bowers - East Kilbride

Marilyn Bowers

Marilyn was Marilyn Ross Meiklejohn before being married. She lives in East Kilbride but was born and grew up in Sandyhills, Glasgow. She's married to Sean and has 3 sons, and she works in Glasgow for Glasgow Life - Communities (formerly part of Glasgow City Council) in the Adult Literacies Team.

Her family originally came from St Ninian's in Stirling at least back to the 1600s. Some of the family emigrated to America and settled in California: mainly Los Angeles. There is a 'Meiklejohn' star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which is dedicated to William, Campbell and Jean Meiklejohn, who were involved in the film and theatre industry in Hollywood. Marilyn's great grandfather William and their father Matthew were brothers. William ran one of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, and represented some of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood like Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Ronald Reagan, William Holden and many others. He was also an executive at Paramount for over 20 years as head of talent and casting and worked with people like Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn also provided some information about another William Meiklejohn, who the stadium in Pennsylvania is named after: William's father was Joseph Meiklejohn, son of Matthew C Meiklejohn and brother of William (talent agent). Joseph ran a small delivery service in Oakland, California in the 1920s; his company was bought out by a Mr Casey of Merchant Parcel Service in Seattle who were looking to expand. Joseph went to work for them and moved to the east coast, Philadelphia to develop the business there; the company had now changed its name to UPS (United Parcel Services). Joseph became the second largest shareholder in UPS history and when he died his surviving children, William and Rose, inherited a vast fortune. William used the money to benefit many organisations including Pennsylvania University (his Alma Mater). He also donated a total of $85 million dollars to Saddleback Memorial Hospital in California and used to spend most days there after his retirement, chatting to the patients and staff. He also founded the Seniors Table Tennis Association in America and donated the prize money every year. Shortly before his death in 2007, the stadium at Pennsylvania University was renamed Meiklejohn Stadium in his honour, and Saddleback hospital have a statue of him and his wife Louise who died in 2009.

So far Marilyn has found members of the family in Staffordshire and Manchester, England; Cork in Ireland; Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Los Angeles in America and Brisbane, Australia and would love to hear from anyone who thinks they may be related.


Deanne Tomasino - Edinburgh

Deanne is from Edinburgh and her mum and dad are George and Elizabeth Meiklejohn. George is the youngest of nine, children of Robert and Janet Meiklejohn (nee Inglis) and his uncle was the famous Davie Meiklejohn of Rangers. Born in Edinburgh, they moved to Fife in 1976, a veritable hotbed of Meiklejohns. George's nephew Douglas also stays in Fife and another nephew, Mark, is in Edinburgh.


David Meiklejohn - Edinburgh

Another full namesake, David comes from Edinburgh, but has seen sense and come to study in Glasgow. A fellow Christian, he goes to the Tron Church in the town.