Meiklejohns in USA

Christine Hendricks - Utah

Christine and Bob

Christine and Bob live in Magna, Utah, with their two children Duncan and Jesse. Christine's great-great-great grandfather was David Forbes Meiklejohn. He immigrated to the USA in 1855 with his wife and eight children (7, plus one on the journey, including Mary, pictured). She's traced the family back to Robert Meiklejohn, born in 1728, who's son, George, lived in Culross. (Old pictures from

David Forbes Meiklejohn Mary Catherine Meiklejohn
David Mary

Bob Kids
Bob Christine and Kids


Albert William Meiklejohn 3rd - New York

Will and family

Will is from Pennsylvania, but has recently moved to Corning, New York, where he and his family are helping a local church. His church in Pennsylvania are involved in missionary work in Uganda, and Will has been over helping build homes to house orphans in the area, with the Covenant Mercies programme. Will was planning to move over to Uganda, and may still do so, if God guides in that direction. The church is associated with a sister church in Wales.

Will is married to Karen, and they have two daughters, Ashlynne and Karina. They came over to Scotland with their friend Stephanie in 2015 and we had the pleasure of showing them around Glasgow (at least the bits that weren't shut).
Will Building a wall Surveying the project
Will, house building, in Uganda


Joan Furrow - Pennsylvania

Joan and Larry

Joan is the daughter of Albert William Meiklejohn, and Will(above)'s aunty. She lives in Wellsboro, in Pennsylvania, with her husband Larry. Thay have four children: Terry, the twins Larry and Garry and Jeffrey, and Larry has two of his own: Larry and Lewie. Between them they have 11 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. Joan and Larry own a car repair centre in their home town.


Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson - North Carolina

Shirra has lived in North Carolina since 1988, moving there from Connecticut where she studied, earning a BA and a Masters in Religion. She has been involved in crisis counselling, was an Offender Counselor for Polk County and is involved in spiritual development, founding the Soujourner Pass Community in 1994, teaching a discipline known as the Fourth Way.


James Munro Meiklejohn - Michigan

James' grandparents emmigrated to the US from Dunfermline, in the early 1900s. They settled in Lockport, New York, where James was born in 1955. He now lives in Flushing, in Michigan.


Cherie Meiklejohn Spilis - New Jersey

Cherie is Will's (see above) half sister, and lives in New Jersey with her husband Steve. She has a sister Debi, also in New Jersey, and another half brother Robert, who stays in Pennsylvania. Are Pennsylvania and New Jersey near each other? Hold on... ah right, they're neighbour states.

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Sylvia Meiklejohn White - Georgia

Sylvia hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and sent me the following information on her part of the family:

John Meiklejohn of Uddingston, Scotland moved to Coventry, England after World War II - he met and married Minnie Moylan and they had three daughters: Linda Meiklejohn Toogood, Sylvia Meiklejohn White and Joyce Meiklejohn Edgens. In 1968 John, Minnie, Sylvia and Joyce emigrated to Atlanta, Georgia - Linda followed in 1981.

John Meiklejohn passed away October 6, 2003 - he was 82 years old. All three of his daughters still live in Atlanta.


John Meiklejohn - New York

John and his wife Mara live in New York City. His father, also John, lived in NYC and John was born there. He stays in Manhattan with Mara and their two daughters: Alison(39) and Sasha(31). They have two grandchildren: twins aged 11, and a yellow labrador.

John works as a director/cameraman, and has done all his life. It has taken him all over the world. He is also an avid fisherman.


Nathaniel Meiklejohn - Maine

Nathaniel Meiklejohn lives in Maine, and has two brothers, David and Ben. His dad, Daniel, also has two brothers, Gary and Steve. His grandfather Robert brought the family name to New England.


Franklin Golt - Maryland

Franklin's mother is Linda Meiklejohn, from Annapolis, Maryland. Her parents are Robert Shirra Meiklejohn Jr and Joyce Meiklejohn. Franklin is interested in the family history and has been over in Glasgow tracing the records.


William Donald (Mike) Meiklejohn - Maryland

Another Meiklejohn from Maryland, Mike (see below) sent me this information. Do you Maryland Meiklejohns know each other?

My name is William Donald Meiklejohn, Jr. I go by Mike. I'm married. My wife's name is Dawn. I have two children, Joey & Staci and one grandchild, Madalyn. I was born and raised in Annapolis, MD and now live in Denton, MD on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My late father's name was William Donald Meiklejohn, Sr. My late mother's name was Jessie. My grandfather's name was James Alexander Meiklejohn. His wife's name was Bernice. My grandparents were also from Annapolis. My great grandfather's name was William Meiklejohn. Other than that I don't know too much more about my family tree.


Martha Hunter - Philadelphia

Martha Hunter lives near Philadelphia, Pa. with her family. She's a preschool teacher and pastoral counselor. Jessie Meiklejohn Robertson of Bonhill was her great grandmother, daughter Isabella Robertson Macdonald was her granny. She married William Macdonald and moved to the USA in 1923. A branch of the family moved to Coventry, England - Jessie Meiklejohn (of which there are many in the family) and Mary Robertson. Martha welcomes contact with our extended Robertson, Meiklejohn, Macdonald family from around the world!


Jenny Meiklejohn Martin - Maryland

The Maryland contingent increases with Jenny, who lives in Ocean City, Maryland, along with husband Richard, and children Austin and Shannon. Here is some of her family information:

I am the youngest of eight children and I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters. Here are their names and ages (Jan 2007).

  • Linda Meiklejohn Morris - 66
  • William Thomas Meiklejohn Jr. - 61
  • John Meiklejohn - 58
  • Stephen Meiklejohn - 57
  • Debra Meiklejohn Bangle - 55
  • Gary Meiklejohn - 54
  • Robert Meiklejohn - 47
  • Me - 45

My father was William Thomas Meiklejohn and my mother was Gertrude Ila Meiklejohn. My father had 5 brothers and sisters. My family is from Montgomery County Maryland, which is just outside of Washington, DC. My parents were both born and raised in DC. I now live on the eastern shore of Maryland in Ocean City. Also my sister Linda, brothers John, Gary and William (also know as Mickey) live here. I was always told that 2 Meiklejohn brothers came to the US from Scotland and I am a descendant of one of them.


Teresa Meiklejohn - Maryland

Teresa and George jn

Teresa is yet another Maryland Meiklejohn, married to George Alfred Meiklejohn. George's father George was married to an Alice, and George jnr's sister is Alice as well.
George snr and Alice George jnr and niece
George snr and Alice, George jnr and niece


Ed Meiklejohn - Pennsylvania

Ed and Claudette Edward G. Meiklejohn (Ed) and his wife Claudette live in Mansfield, PA, a small college town in north-central Pennsylvania. Ed is Will's uncle and lives a bit to the south of him. Claudette and Ed are both retired accountants.

His mother's mother was born in Glasgow and her father was born in Belfast. However, they didn't meet until they both emigrated to Philadelphia, PA. The family names were Clements and McClean. On his father's side, his mother's family were German immigrants during the 1800's (Schmidt.) The Meiklejohn's were immigrants to Philadelphia in the 1800's. His grandmother told him they came from Paisley, Scotland.

"If any Meiklejohns would like to contact me by email, I would be pleased to respond."


Kendra Meiklejohn - Virginia

Kendra mailed in to add herself to the list of USAn Meiklejohns. She and a brother live in Virginia, her sister lives in Arizona and another brother lives in Wisconsin, while her parents are in Florida. Good to see the family try to occupy as many states as possible.


Dawn Meiklejohn - Seattle

Paul Meiklejohn and his wife Dawn Meiklejohn live in Seattle, Washington, USA. Their children are:

  • Heather Meiklejohn Mack of Hillsboro, Oregon
  • Matthew Meiklejohn of San Diego, California
  • Neil Meiklejohn of Santa Monica, California
  • Mark Meiklejohn of New York, New York.

Paul, son of James and Helen Meiklejohn, was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA


Phil Meiklejohn - Colorado

Phil got in touch from Colorado:
My family mostly resides in Colorado. My grandparents Al and Mindy Meiklejohn died a few years ago but they moved to Colorado early on in their lives and raised a family survived by 4 kids, Pam, Bruce, Shelley and Scott.

Myself and my two brothers David and Eric are Scott's sons. My grandfather was a WW2 pilot and returned from WW2 to earn a law degree and go on to serve in the Colorado State Senate and did a lot of good for Jefferson County Schools here in Colorado. They also named an elementary school after him in recognition of such.


Debbie Meiklejohn - Arkansas

Debbie is the latest contact from the United States. She stays in Little Rock, Arkansas:
I have tracked our family back to Robert Meiklejohn and Agnes Law from 1717 and 1718 in Scotland. Most of my lineage moved to the USA around 1880 to Butte, Montana then to the Los Angeles, California area.

I would like to communicate with other people who have researched their lineage. In our country there are only a small number people with my last name. I am trying to get some more information on David Clarence Meiklejohn born February 29, 1848 in Culross, Perth, Scotland and he died May, 6, 1919 in Los Angeles, California. He was a U. S. Marshall in Butte, Montana. A new museum for U. S. Marshalls is being built and they are now accepting information to place in the museum.

I also wanted to find out about the coat of arms. I noticed that there are different versions for the same name during my search.


Gayle Meiklejohn Dutra - Arizona

Gayle lives in Arizona, but was born in Glendale, California. Her dad, Kenneth Meiklejohn was born in Princeton, New Jersey, along with his brother Charles William. Their father, Charles Algernon Meiklejohn, was also from New Jersey but his father, Robert A Meiklejohn came from Renfrew in Scotland. Back another generation and John was born in Aberfeldy.

Gayle has a brother Kenneth in Mississippi, and cousins Donna and Susan Meiklejohn Campbell, who live in California.