Meiklejohns around the World

I've put these pages here in the hope that they'll help the Meiklejohns around the world in contacting each other, and in seeing where other Meiklejohns have spread to. Thanks to those who have allowed me to place their details here. If you want added please send me some information about yourself. Pictures are useful. If you are on these pages and want taken off, just let me know.


The Meiklejohn name comes, I believe, from the East of Scotland. It means "Big John". There appear to be a lot of Meiklejohns in Fife, and also up around the Thurso area.

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Meiklejohns in Scotland

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Meiklejohns in Australia

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Meiklejohns meet at last

Andy Boag from East Kilbride knew of his cousin Stuart Meiklejohn in Sydney but they'd never had a chance to meet. Due to a bit of good luck that was rectified in 2013. Andy says:

I have been involved with coaching and assisting with preparations for the lawn bowls for the Commonwealth Games later in Glasgow. I was asked to go with two players to Australia last April as support for them in the World Cup singles. I had been in touch with Stuart before travelling and got opportunity to meet him for first time ever in my life along with his wife Vicky and also met my aunt Meg who I had not seen since 1986! We spent around 4 hrs together and shared a lovely meal and had a fantastic catch up sharing stories.

Meiklejohn Shop

I was sent this picture of the shop front of the Meiklejohn Tea and Wine Merchants in Glasgow's Gallowgate by Paul Finch, who collects old postcards of shop fronts. Click the picture for the full version. If you know or are related to the owners, let me know.

Hollywood Star

Marilyn Bowers sent in this picture of the Meiklejohn star on the Hollywood walk of fame. It appears that one of our number, a William Meiklejohn was a well known agent to the stars in Hollywood.

Grange Brewery Bass Crest Tray

Michael Clark has sent in a couple of photos relating to the Meiklejohn Brewery company. The first is the Grange Brewery in Alloa, which the company owned at one point, from around 1925 and the second is a Bass Crest Brewery tray, with the central Bass Rock logo removed due to legal problems the company had with another Bass.


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