I'm good at starting things and not very good at finishing them, so the following pages are in a usable but unfinished state. Still, I hope they can be of use to someone out there. These are some of the projects I've started for my own pleasure and for the good of humanity :-)

Bible Centre

I've been doing the web pages for the Bible Centre since I started them up a good few years ago. They give some information about the centre, the people there and camps that we've had.

Villa Daisy

I've recently set up this web page for a family member who has a villa in Turkey. We're planning to go there this June, so will know more about it after that, but hopefully the web page will bring in some custom for Paul. If you're interested in hiring it, give him a call.

Technical Help

As my work has to do with computers and the internet, I've built up a lot of knowledge about technical things. I decided to write down some helpful information about various topics, and keep adding to it as I investigate other areas. My work were kind enough to allow me to put this on the internet, so here is my Technical Help Page.

Bible Guide

I wanted to write down a rough guide to the various bits of the Bible. This was mainly so I could find passages again, and to give myself an overall picture of the historical events in the Bible. This is incomplete, but covers the first part of the Old Testament. So here is my Bible Guide.


I do quite a lot of sermons at my church and sometimes at the Bible Centre. I keep notes for these, so I thought I'd collect them on-line in the hope that someone finds them useful. There are lots still in my notebook waiting to be typed out, but what I have typed out can be found in my Sermons Page.

Web Pages

This web site is a project in itself, of course, and I've learned a lot about HTML, CSS, style and layout over the years. To see how some of the old pages looked, and how my web page at work, have a look here.