Torquay - 1998 slideshow


Claire and I went to Torquay for our holiday in August 1998. We drove down (about 11 hours, including stops) and stayed in a guest house in the town. The weather was great the whole week, and we had a chance to lie on the beach, as well as explore some of the sights in the surrounding area.


In Torquay itself there is a cavern, Kent's Cavern, which you can visit. The guided tour was very good, and the caves were interesting, with many-coloured stalactites and stalagmites.

Cave 1 Cave 2

Model Village

The model village was very good. It's what it says, a small scale village, with loads of tiny models, in various humorous poses, some with animation. The amount of work involved is incredible, and the village gave a good couple of hours of enjoyment. Recommended.


Paignton Zoo

We went to Paignton to visit the zoo one day. The zoo was hyped up a lot in all the brochures, so it didn't quite live up to expectations, but there were a fair variety of animals to see.





We did some other things apart from the ones photographed. We went to a country park around 40 minutes outside Torquay, which was very good, we went to the sea life exhibition and we went to a beach just up the coast.

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