We've been to a few weddings in the past, including our own. I like to make a written record of how things went, along with lots of pictures. This is especially good for relatives who couldn't make it, or nosey friends who weren't friends at the time. It's also an incentive to get back to the weight where we could fit into the clothes pictured.

David and Claire Meiklejohn

David and Claire Let's start with our own wedding. Claire and I were married in 1997, at the Hebron Hall in Glengarnock. We had our photos taken at a local stately home and our reception at a hotel in nearby Dalry. The wedding went well, apart from the wasp that found its way into Claire's veil during the photos.



David and Marie Renton

David and Marie There were three weddings among our friends in 1997, and David and Marie were the first, in March. The wedding was held at Knightswood Baptist Church in Glasgow, with the reception at the Redhurst Hotel, in the south of the town.



Iain and Nicola Taylor

Iain and Nicola Iain and Nicola were the second couple to be married in 1997, in May. The wedding was at Nicola's church, the Hebron Hall in Glengarnock, and the reception was at the Dean Park Hotel in Renfrew. The thought of Iain and Bruce taking part in a solemn ceremony was a bit worrying, but everything worked out OK.



Colin and Irene Davidson

Colin and Irene Colin and Irene were married in 1999. Again, the wedding was in the Hebron Hall in Glengarnock, and they had their reception in the Claremont Hotel in Kilwinning. They were piped in to the reception, which was nice.



David and Marisa Mahood

David and Marisa David and Marisa were married in 2003. The wedding was in Newton Mearns Baptist Church, and the reception at the Sherbrooke Hotel. We enjoyed this wedding but I was disappointed to miss seeing the surprise guest in the bar, a Mr McCoist.



Johnny and Stacie Anderson

Johnny and Stacie Johnny and Stacie had their wedding and reception in the Orton Hall Hotel in Peterborough. This was a long journey, so we travelled down by train and stayed over at the hotel, which was a lovely place, and we particularly enjoyed the snooker room. The reception was notable as the DJ gave way to a surprise singer who gave a rendition of Smoke on the Water with Stacie on guitar.