My Work

I'm a software engineer. That means I write computer programs. Well, it means a lot more than that, but it would get boring if I tried to explain it. I work for BT, and my office works very similarly to the one in Dilbert.


I write a lot of stuff in C++ and in Java, with Oracle databases and over BT's intranet. The projects I've worked on include:

  • A network management system, written using C with some object-oriented style libraries.
  • A service management system, written using C++, though other parts used Oracle Forms.
  • A problem reporting tool, written as a Java applet client and a C++ server, accessing files or the data.
  • The system the operators use to handle 100, 999 and 155 calls. This is written using Visual C++, with sockets communications to server processes running on Unix machines and accessing Oracle databases.
  • A data management system. This uses a tool called Ab Initio to extract data from some systems, transform it, then load it to other systems.

Do I enjoy it? Mostly, yes. I like working with computers, and working in a team. I dislike corporate politics and pointless tasks. But mostly, I get paid for messing about with computers, which isn't something I had thought possible while at school.