Zoom Zoom


In July 2005, I got an email from Mazda, inviting me to participate in their zoom-zoom event in August. Always suspicious of something-for-nothing, I eventually worked out this one was for real. Mazda took me and a friend on a day event at Knockhill. Thanks Mazda!

grid.jpg mazda6.jpg

There were four parts to the event. First of all they took us out in a road-going car on the track, and showed us the right places to brake, turn in and accelerate. Once we had a rough idea of what to do, they took us out in race-spec RX-8s to have a few laps at a decent speed, and then a race driver took us round to show us how it should be done. Weeeeeeee!

sideon.jpg inpit.jpg


The next task was to drive an MX-5 around a small course while trying not to spill the tennis ball out of the bowl on its bonnet.

go.jpg stop.jpg

Then we had another test in an MX-5. Here we had to slalom between bollards, go twice round a mini-roundabout, slalom back and stop in the box. Time added on for every bollard you hit.

The final part of the day was a test of the RX-8's ABS, then a drive into nearby Dunfermline. All this, plus sandwiches and Irn Bru. Not a bad day out!

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